The following artists, writers and composers working in or associated with East Anglia were photographed during the late 1960s and early 1970s. It was a private project with a view to publishing a book in due course. The book never materialised but there was an exhibition in 1972 at the Minories Gallery, called "Artists In Camera". There have been many publications over the years and, somewhere deep in it's bowels, the National Portrait Gallery has a small selection of prints.

I show them as PDF contact sheets but they are also available in a composite single PDF ... "The Collection" ... it's a large file and takes a long time to download - so be patient!

Painters, Sculptors ...   Writers, Composers ...  

Adams, Robert
Aldridge, John
Ayrton, Michael
Barratt, Chrome
Barrett, Roderic
Bawden, Edward
Bellingham-Smith, Elinor
Brill, Reginald
Buhler, Robert
Burman, John
Butler, Arthur
Cheese, Bernard
Chinchwadkar, Vasant
Chopping, Richard
Clarke, Geoffrey
Coker, Peter
Collins & Pallot
Cronyn, Hugh
Doubleday, John
Giles, Carl
Green, John
Green, Roland
Haines, Lett
Hazelwood, David
Herman, Josef
Hoyle, Walter
Hugh-Stanton, Blair

Hurry, Leslie
Jackson, John Alan
Lamb, Lynton
Lambert, Isabel
Longbotham, Charles
Morris, Sir Cedric
Morton, Cavendish
Nash, John
Nicholls, Guy
O Connor, John
Piche, Roland
Potter, Mary
Ridgewell, John
Robinson, Sheila
Rothenstein, Michael
Sadler, Robert
Seago, Edward
Somerville, Peggy
Sorrell, Alan
Sorrell, Elizabeth
Spencer, Gilbert
Spender, Humphrey
Squirrell, Leornard
Suddaby, Rowland
Thornton, Valerie
Tibbenham, Zena
Wirth-Miller, Denis
Alwyn, William
Barnett, Correlli
Bell, Adrian
Blythe, Ronald
Britten, Benjamin
Buller, John
Burke, John
Carey, Tristram
Cranbrook, Lord
Cross, Gordon
Crozier, Eric
Evans, Nancy
Gifford, Ingaret
Griffiths, Maurice
Hawes, Jack
Holst, Imogen
Innes, Ralph Hammond
Jennings, Paul
Jobson, Alan

Lewis, John
Lindsay, Jack
Lofts, Norah
Maconchy, Elizabeth
Mallin, Tom
McBean, Angus
Meynell, Sir Francis
Morgan, Geoffrey
Muriel, John
Orsler, Michael
Pears, Sir Peter
Penn, John
Sampson, Anthony
Scarfe, Norman
Shears, Sarah
Stevens, Bernard
Van Der Post, Lawrence
Wallace, Doreen
Wilson, Angus
Young, Douglas